Public & Media Engagement

[Conference Speaker] The Beirut Exchange research conference, Global Political Exchange, December 2021

[Radio Interview] Not a Ready-Made History (Reporting), S A V V Y CONTEMPORARY — THE LABORATORY OF FORM IDEAS, November 2021

[TV Report] The Beirut blast probe: A tale of distrust and disinformation, Al Jazeera – The Listening Post, October 23, 2021 

[TV/Radio Interview] Snipers Fatally Attack Protesters in Beirut as Lebanon Reels from Devastating Economic Collapse, Democracy Now!, October 14, 2021 

[Radio Interview] Lebanon, A Year After the Port Explosion, KPFA, August 31, 2021

[Media Mention] وسائل الإعلام غير قادرة على تجاهل دعوات المساءلة في لبنان, Al-Arab, August 16, 2021

[Media Mention] The media in Lebanon: One year after the Beirut blast, IJnet August 4, 2021 

[Media Mention] Beirut blast: families in anguish as death toll uncounted one year on, The National, August 3, 2021

[Media Mention]  El collapse inevitable al Líban, Directa, July 27, 2021 (in Catalan) 

[Media Mention] Liban : un tournant violent pour l’acte II de la « thawra »? Middle East Eye, May 1, 2021

[Panel Discussion] Defending Media Freedom in 2021, Check Global Network, Ma 3, 2021

[Media Mention] Medios alternativos, las salas de redacción no tradicionales, Aldea de Periodistas, March 17, 2021

[Media Mention] El nacimiento de medios independientes en el Líbano, International Journalists’ Network/IJNet, February 10, 2021

[Media Mention] How independent media in Lebanon covered the 2019 protests, IJNET, February 9, 2021

[Media Mention] De jeunes médias tentent d’ébranler le système libanais, Le Figaro, February 4, 2021

[Media Study Mention] Understanding factors and barriers to alternative media development in emerging economies: Learning from the Check Global project by Jerome Turner and Dima Saber, First Monday journal, January 8, 2021.

[Radio Interview] Journalism and Activism? Alternative Media in Lebanon (starting at 13:00), BR24-Media magazine, November 15, 2020 (in German)

[Interview] The Violence of the Crisis, Medico, October 17, 2020 (in German)

[Profile] Upholding the Values of Independent Journalism in Lebanon, Women in Journalism magazine, September 2020 issue

[Podcast] Evaporated Euphoria: the Current Crises in Lebanon, the fire these times, September 2020

[Panel Discussion] Crisis and Uprising in Lebanon: The Roots of the Explosion, Haymarket Books, August 21, 2020

[Panel Discussion] Lebanon at a Crossroads: Is Real Reform Possible? Carnegie Middle East Center, June 17, 2020

[Media Mention] ‘We will rise again’: Lebanon’s revolution is on hold but far from over, The New Arab, April 1, 2020

[Profile] The Public Source is Changing the Way Lebanon’s Stories are Told, The National, March 5, 2020

[Interview] Les Médias Indépendants en Quête d’un Modèle Économique, Le Commerce du Levant, February 29, 2020

[Interview] Eine kleine Elite besitzt fast den ganzen Reichtum des Libanons – Das lässt sich die Bevölkerung nicht länger gefallen, Kontrast, February 26, 2020

[Media Mention] Au Liban, La Nouvelle Vague Des Médias Alternatifs Booste La Contestation, Middle East Eye, January 21, 2020

[Panel Discussion] ‘All Means All’ On the Current Social Struggles in Iraq and Lebanon, (Video) Vienna Institute for International Dialogue & Cooperation, January 20, 2020

[Online Panel] 2019 Was a Year of Global Unrest. Here’s What Protestors Want You to Know, The Correspondent, January 3, 2020

[Interview]”New Ways of Relating to Each Other,” with Mariam Younes, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Beirut, November 14, 2019

[Media Mention] Liban : que veulent les femmes de la révolution d’octobre?, TV5 Monde, November 8, 2019

[Interview] Regeringens Afgang Er Ikke Nok. Befolkningen Vil Ikke Længere Holdes Som Gidsel, Så Demonstrationerne Fortsætter, RÆSON, October 31, 2019

[Interview] Protesters in Lebanon Call for “the Downfall of the Rule of the Bank,” Democracy Now!, October 30, 2019

[TV Programme] Spinning, Downplaying, Ignoring: Lebanon Protests and the Media, Al Jazeera – The Listening Post, October 28, 2019

[Media Mention] Lebanon’s Protests Are a Popular Outcry Cutting Across Sectarian Lines, World Politics Review, October 24, 2019

[Profile] Une Nouvelle Plate-forme de Journalisme Engagé, Le Commerce du Levant, August 30, 2019